Next-Generation Mobile Internet Developer position

DataHop Labs is building the Next Generation Mobile Internet to help mobile users get the best experience and bring the Internet where mobile data is not yet affordable or fully available. We believe that Internet has been designed for fixed networks and a new model is required for the best experience in the mobile Internet. We live in a disconnected & battery powered world, but Internet technologies are a leftover from the always connected & steadily powered past. Our mission is to build the next-generation Mobile Internet following the mobile and local-first paradigm and using opportunistic networking.

DataHop Labs is a London based VC-backed company that is part of the The Next Generation Internet initiative. DataHop Labs is a “Next Generation Internet Architect” participating in the NGI-Pointer program aimed at contributing to the human-centric revolution of the internet architecture, with new open-source protocols, open software and hardware. We are a small, fully remote team of network researchers, looking for someone passionate for building technology for the new Mobile Internet, that wants to become a next generation Internet architect with us!

Role Overview

As a Next-Gen Mobile Internet developer you will be responsible for developing new tools and protocols to extend decentralised storage system, like IPFS, to enable opportunistic communications in mobile devices. In particular, you will help extending IPFS and the Libp2p network stack to enable mobile networking using device-to-device (WiFi Direct, Bluetooth) communications. The role is for someone with strong hands-on network programming experience (preferably using Go) that is not afraid to get their hands into Android code. This is a full-time remote-only position, with very competitive salary including equity, depending on experience. We will prioritise EU-based candidates.

Ideal Experience and Skills

  • 4+ years of development experience.
  • Experience with Golang.
  • Experience with network protocols, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, Sockets, etc.
  • Familiarity with IPFS, peer-to-peer networks and similar technologies.
  • Familiarity with Android programming and device-to-device technologies (WiFi Direct and Bluetooth).
  • A general understanding of information security and best practices.
  • Skilled communicator with excellent communication and documentation skills.
  • High levels of intellectual curiosity, professionalism, and self-motivation.
  • Self-starter with an interest in influencing and making key product decisions.
  • Open source project experience.
  • Attention to detail and a passion for software design.


  • Contribute R&D technology to re-build the mobile Internet.
  • Work with a company on a mission to have positive impact.
  • Work on a fully remote, small and passionate team.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Personal budget to choose the IT equipment of your choice.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity where you can have oversized impacts.
  • Opportunity to drive innovation and strategy.
  • Contribute to open source projects.